About Me



How the Dad to the World journey began. Kinda… There was some stuff before that came first.

Hey, I’m Kevin, newbie Dad to the world. I was going for a play on words as “Dead to the World” in relation to life is such a huge change when you become a Dad. Also, it’s literal in that I’m a “Dad speaking to the world”. (It was clever at the time. Just give me a pity laugh)

Anyway, I started this blog as a way of chronicling my new job as a Dad, sharing my experiences and lessons I learn along the way. Basically, I want to fill you in on pieces and parts of this new adventure. There will be some humor I’m sure, some random thoughts and musings, and probably a few serious “soapbox” sessions (although I’m usually not to opinionated, I have a feeling being a Dad is going to change me quite a bit)

I want to be casual and relaxed with everyone. My writing style may not have perfect grammar and sentence structure, and I figure that’s ok. I want to get my content out in a way like old friends and family would do.

*Something you may notice is that I capitalize the “D” in Dad. To me it’s important to do that. Gives it that extra oomph that I think it deserves. If you ever want to get in touch with me, check out my Contact Page. Definitely don’t mind.

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