Gadgets, Gizmos and Poo…

I wish someone would have told me to change my decorative yet functional rectangular front door, to a classy, modern revolving door like you see in swanky high rise buildings. It would have saved me a lot of hassle with family members showing up when I have Jonah in my arms or on the changing table. (Which I’m beginning to think is his favorite place in the entire house)

Speaking of things that save me some hassle, I love all the baby gadgets both inside and outside the house. I *kind of* feel bad for my Mom since she never had some of these cool little pieces and parts to make her baby-raising days easier. (Although now that I think back to my baby days, I was pretty much the perfect baby who never cried or fussed and definitely slept all night. You’re welcome Mom…)


One such gizmo is our wipe warmer. Wipe WarmerSomething small and simple seems to make a huge difference to Jonah who spends a lot of time getting his diaper changed. Ours has a small sponge that, once moistened, sits in the bottom of the warming station. This helps to keep the wipes from drying out. It plugs into the wall and automatically adjusts the temperature. I’m not exactly sure how many wipes it holds seeing as I usually just start yanking them out by the handfuls in those “code brown” situations, but it does Sara and I pretty well.

Wipe Warmer Open

Is it weird that I want one for my own personal use?


So before there can be a use for the wipe warmer, our little guy has to have some input. Sara (originally I typed “We” are breastfeeding… But uh… Nope.) is breastfeeding Jonah about every two-to-three hours at this point and pumping when she is able. The pump bottles, caps, valves, O-rings, and doo-dads (Heh… Dads. I crack myself up) all need to be cleaned and dried out well. This is where I come in. I scrub and sterilize everything to make sure it’s good to go for the next time. Keeping things separate from our regular dishes is something that has been important not just for organization sake, but also for cleanliness.

lawn edited

For this reason, we have a LAWN. When I first saw this thing in the store, I looked at Sara with the same expression I used when I paid for my last adventure through a fast food drive-through. “This much money for that?!?” Fortunately, the experience with the LAWN has been wonderful. (Unlike the fast food, where later I truly did wish I had my own wipe warmer…) Everything dries well, the “blades of grass” keep things upright and not falling over so that small drops of water sit on the side.LAWN It’s large enough to hold everything, but not so massive that I lose half of my countertop space. Again, something so simple, but so helpful. Definitely recommended for those Dads out there on cleaning duty.

Diaper GenieI may have saved one of my favorite contraptions for last. I’ve heard them called everything from diaper pails to diaper genies. I think “genie” describes it pretty well because this thing is MAGICAL. For those of you who are not familiar with what I’m talking about, it’s a small tower very similar to a foot-pedal style garbage can. After Jonah has been changed into a fresh diaper, I press the pedal with my foot, the lid opens, and I drop the dirty diaper into the abyss. I release the pedal and all my worries of poo decorated walls, gagging on poo fumes, and other poo nightmares simply melt away.



Diaper Genie Abyss

The abyss…

It’s an elegant system that has streamlined my diaper-duty. When it’s full I simply cut the old bag away, knot it up, and dispose of it far far away in our garage trash can. Simple as that. I get more time with the kiddo, and no-one has to walk around my home with a gas mask on. Win-win for everyone.


Jonah laying downThose are just a few of my favorite gadgets that I’ve found to make my life easier and this little guy happy. I’m sure there are a ton more out there that I have yet to experience. If you’ve come across any that I need to invest in or try out, I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a line below in the comments, or feel free to reach out by clicking here.


Until next time, take care, everybody. I’m in the process of working on some video blogs (VLOGS) but they take a lot of time to edit and stitch together. Also, I have the “basic” version of my website which doesn’t allow for videos to be posted to the blog, so either they will be linked to YouTube, or I will talk to Sara about maybe upgrading. (Depending on the cost) I’ll keep everyone updated, and hopefully, the Vlog will be up soon.

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