Introducing… Jonah Thomas Evans!

Wow… What an amazing adventure! As you can tell from the title, we welcomed our son into our lives recently. I have so many thoughts, feelings, and experiences that it is incredibly difficult for me to organize my thoughts into a post that has any type of structure. I think that due to some of the stories and events I want to share with everyone, this post is going to let pictures do the talking…

This new Dad has a lot of his time taken up with bonding with Jonah, upkeep around the house, building the addition, and that doesn’t factor in my job. Sara and I have been spending every second we can with the little guy. I took a week off from writing in order to focus on my family. I’m absolutely going to continue that, but I think I’m at the point now where I can bring you all along.

I’m incredibly excited to be able to expand the Blog and share my stories. I may try to Vlog as well. Might be kind of neat. I feel as though now the title of the site, “Dad to the World” will hopefully make a bit more sense. My experiences as a Dad, being shared with the World. Enjoy the post everyone… More to come soon!


Bonding with Dad

Bonding with Dad in the hospital




Jonah Relaxing

Jonah relaxing with Dad (picture was taken three seconds before major diaper change was needed…)






Just us boys relaxing on the couch



Jonah Pic

Hi everyone!






Our Family




As I said above, stay tuned for more! I can’t wait to share some stories and experiences with you. Right now, the little guy needs a diaper change and a bath. Until next time, take care. As always, please leave a comment below and share the Blog with your friends. Now that the little guy has arrived, things are going to be improving on the site.



One thought on “Introducing… Jonah Thomas Evans!

  1. Good reading as usual. Loved the pictures. I was teasing your dad that we hadn’t heard anything since Jonah’s arrival. Isn’t it amazing how much time someone so little requires? Exhausting but so rewarding!


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