The Calm Before the Storm

I’m a morning person. Always have been. (As a kid, on Christmas, I was an extra-early morning person… Sorry, Mom and Dad, payback is on the way I’m sure) I feel like half my day is wasted if I’m in bed past 8 am. Just built that way I suppose, but I’m hoping my kiddo takes after Mommy who enjoys sleeping in.

Sunporch 4Usually, my Saturday mornings consist of carefully and quietly sliding out of bed, pouring a cup of coffee, and relaxing on the sun porch with a book. This routine usually ends when Sara comes out with a peck on the cheek and requests my culinary services to fill her tummy. There’s a calm contentment in my mood as I make breakfast. Even with all the chaos and craziness life throws my way, there’s something about the sun porch and coffee that slows down the world…

Today was a perfect sun porch morning. It felt so good to have a book in one hand and sip my coffee with the other. I needed my sun porch. You see, I had one of those nights where your mind just won’t stop running. Everything “baby” was full force exploding in my head. We are being induced tomorrow (Sunday, July 2nd, 2017) and I felt like I still needed to get a million things done. I had a list on the dining room table that just seemed to grow. I felt like a less muscular Hercules fighting the Hydra. I cross one thing off the list, and two more were added. I suppose this is what being a Dad is going to be like.

Sunporch 3

This morning was truly the calm before the storm for me. My sun porch gave me time to relax and just breathe. I read a bit of Sherlock Holmes and savored my coffee. I watched birds flitter around in the backyard. I enjoyed the show as the wind blew the leaves and clouds. All the swirling worries and nerves from the night before simply melted away.


I know things are about to be hectic. I’m excited/nervous/anxious, and about a thousand other feelings that are hard to describe. I’m scared to death about making sure I’m going to be a great Dad as well as continuing to be a solid Husband. Even with all these emotions going on, I can’t wait to become a Dad.

Bring on the storm… I’m ready.

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