Can’t Forget About Husband Mode…

Hey everybody…

As Sara and I enter the final stretch (heh a pun…) of the pregnancy, I have been really focusing on my transition into “Dad Mode”. I’ve talked a little about “Pre-Dad Mode”, but this is on a whole new level. Things are moving quickly and I need to make sure I’m prepared for the kiddo. I have been double and triple checking things around the house, making various family and pet arrangements, and despite my best efforts, the list keeps growing. But even with all the craziness going on, I need to make sure that I don’t forget about “Husband Mode”. After all… That’s what got me into Dad Mode in the first place.

Husband Mode is hard to explain, and yet self-explanatory. One part personality, one part love, and a dash of common sense. I’ll try to break down some of my version of Husband Mode in this post.

Food 2

Part of Husband Mode for me, is that Sara and I always try to have a meal together. Usually this is dinner, but depending on our schedules and activities, sometimes it’s breakfast or a lunchtime meetup. Regardless of when, it’s really something that we do as Husband and Wife that keeps us up-to-date with each other as well as close and connected. That’s definitely something I’d like to continue with our little one…

Also, as a Husband, I really try to do my fair share of the household obligations. Things like lawn care, car maintenance, and general “handyman” stuff. I usually take care of cooking (for both our sakes…) and since about the beginning of the third trimester, I’ve channeled my old college dorm room self, and took over most of laundry duty. Learning the proper way to fold a T-shirt puts me in “Husband-Mode” for sure. (With bonus points for matching socks together) I think that it is really important for me to pick up some of the extra work around the house to make it easier for Sara. Just part of being a good Husband.

TogetherLastly, I need to tell my Wife how amazing she is, each and every day. These past few months she hasn’t felt very beautiful. The morning grind of finding clothes that fit, feeling swollen, and super tired, really take a toll on Sara. Being in Husband-Mode means pulling her close and telling her that she is perfect. And when she rolls her eyes because she doesn’t believe me, the next best thing to tell her is that it won’t be too much longer. (This is where the common sense comes in!) To me it is important that Husband Mode continues when she is sleep-deprived and cranky, as well as all the good moments.

I understand that not all Dads are Husbands. That’s ok… Just means that you get to put extra effort into Dad Mode. I need to wrap this up and get into, “Belly Flop Into Bed” Mode since morning comes way too early. (something I have a feeling I’ll be saying a lot of shortly…)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read the Blog. If you enjoyed the post and the Blog in general, let me know and please share with a friend. I really love getting feedback and hearing your own experiences.


Take care,


2 thoughts on “Can’t Forget About Husband Mode…

  1. Kevin, I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up to date. We are anxiously, as are you, awaiting the news that Jonah is here and mother and son are fine. Keep up the good work! Sounds like you are doing all the right things.

    Smitty & Karen


    • Glad you are enjoying the blog… the little one is here and everyone is doing well. When I get a chance I will definitely put of a few posts. Thanks for the comment!


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