My Child’s Butt is Going to be Spoiled…

I know what you may be thinking… “Shame on you, Kevin! You cannot spoil your child! They need to be well-disciplined, well-mannered, and just as awesome as you are!” Well, I’m afraid it’s too late. The title of this post is true… My kiddo’s bum will be the most spoiled butt in the world. Between the deluxe padding on the car-seat, to the built-in shocks with the stroller. This child’s rear end will be comfy…

It startStroller 2ed with a trip to Babies “R” Us a few months ago. Sara and I were walking through the aisles of the store trying to get a general idea of what we would need for the little one. (Fun Fact: There is an aisle of nothing but lactation cookies and brownies. I’m pretty sure those are just an excuse invented by women so that us guys don’t eat their stash of desserts… Nice try ladies, but I’m on to you)

Anyway, we eventually got to the section of the store with the strollers. To all the future Dads out there, be prepared to spend a lot of time in this section. I lost track of all the different brands, styles, and features of these things. It was seriously as though I was car shopping. Wheel sizes, reclining seats, sunroofs, and cupholders were all part of the decision making process. Just a heads up Dads… if you can, take it for a test drive. I’m glad I did. In the end, we settled on a great three wheeled jogger-style stroller. Perfect for cradling your baby’s bottom over uneven terrain.



Another way that I’m spoiling this kiddo’s hiney is through the carseat. We are talking the works: a unique blend of gel/foam/air/magic to keep this child safe and sound, while super comfortable. There are a ton of different options with car seats as well. Ours is able to recline and grow with them as they go from “little one” to “big one”. Another tip for new parents is to double check compatible bases for the carseat. Ours came with an included base which was great. (Some are sold separately) We were able to put that base in Sara’s car, and doing some research led us to finding a used base compatible with our type of carseat. (Thanks Kayla!) So not only is my kiddo going to be safer cruising around in our cars, but stylish and spoiled in comfort as well. Win-win.



Being a growing kiddo is hard work… At the end of a long, tough day going through the grind of eating, diaper changes, and crying, it’s time for “bed”. And by “bed” I mean waking up every two hours (if Mommy and Daddy are lucky…) to let everyone know your lungs are working at peak performance. During this time of “sleeping”, we have made sure the little one is going to be cushioned by a complex blend of memory foam, gravity-defying gel, and a waterproof cover. I’m pretty sure it will be so comfortable that we will all be getting the full eight hours of sleep. (Ha… I even had trouble just typing that with a straight face)

ProcrastinatingThere are so many more ways that Sara and I are going to be spoiling this kiddo. And that hasn’t even begun to touch what “Grammy” is going to add to the mix. I am supposed to be packing a bag for the hospital instead of procrastinating. I’d better get to it…


I’d love to hear about the ways you keep your own children comfortable and safe. Any tips? Advice? Leave a comment below or feel free to get in touch.


Take care everybody,


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