The First Sonogram

*Click here for some backstory on what brought us to our first appointment*


Hospital. Parking. Lots.

I don’t think I can describe in a single blog post how I loathe them… It’s a free-for-all where you test your reflexes against other patients, visitors, vendors, and (insider secret… hospital employees who shouldn’t be parking there) in an attempt to survive. But hey, at least the hospital is close by if things get hairy.

You see, our baby doctor’s office is across the street from the area hospital. While extremely convenient, this makes for a headache when trying to find a parking space. I finally found a parking spot by whipping around a corner, yanking the E-brake, and drifting into a space in a way that would make anyone from the Fast and the Furious movies jealous. (Sara remembers it much less exciting…) Anyway, there was something much more memorable about this day than an asphalt parking lot…

Since this was our first appointment, all the prerequisite paperwork needed filled out. While my beautiful bride was filling out insurance info and HIPPA stuff, I took the time to check out some of the magazines in the waiting room. Various magazines on parenting, pamphlets on child development, and some recommendations on breast pumps were options to choose from. I flipped through a few and got a few odd looks from other patients in the room during my research on breast pumps. I put them back and sat by my Wife with my hands to myself.

Eventually we were called back into a room with an ultrasound machine, monitors, and what Sara describes as a torture table with leg stirrups. Since we had a few issues with conceiving, there was additional blood work and tests that were done previously to confirm pregnancy. This ultrasound appointment was to see if there was in fact a little one growing and developing. After a bit of prep work and dimming the lights in order to better see details on the monitor, this is what we saw…



As you can clearly see, it has my eyes


We were able to hear the heartbeat which blew us both away. After some measurements and calculations, they told us we were six weeks and six days along. Truly amazing that at seven weeks we could see and hear our little one. Since our little was was doing well, we were able to schedule an appointment with the doctor for about the ten week period. On the way out of the office, I made a point of picking up a few more pamphlets. For research of course.

My Wife and I left the office excited for what the future had in store for us. The entire drive home was filled with baby discussion and talk of the future. I was tempted to stop and pick up one of those “Baby on Board” stickers to put in the window, or stop at the bookstore to buy every baby book I could. (Sara is very good about keeping me in check)

Looking back now, the sonogram made the parking lot adventure completely worth it… Can’t wait to do it again.


If you have a story about your first ultrasound appointment, or that first sonogram you were able to share with family and friends, definitely let me know.

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