Two. Little. Lines.

preg-testSo let me set a little backstory here. The lights were dim… The door was closed… There was some seriously heavy breathing going on…

You see, the doctor’s office had a fluorescent light bulb that was burnt out and he was kind enough to close the door for privacy. Also, he just climbed two flights of stairs and was a little out of breath… And with that, our story begins…

We actually had a little bit of trouble conceiving. We knew of some hormonal issues that needed taken care of before we would be able to have a child. We went to see a specialist from Pittsburgh who gave us some help. He warned us that his treatment would take some time to be effective, and that there was no guarantee it would allow for conception. We left the office feeling cautiously optimistic and not getting our hopes up just yet.

Well… a few weeks later there was a different night with dim lights and closed doors, and the result was the above two little lines. It’s funny… Sara just took a pregnancy test on a whim. We had a few “pee-on-a-stick” tests from before the doctor appointment and she just randomly gave it a go. (Ha. “Go” Get it?  … I should grow up, I’m going to be a Dad)  When she came out of the bathroom with a huge smile on her face, I was a bit curious. She pulled the test out from behind her back and I saw those two little lines. I looked at it and a thousand different things ran through my mind all at once. It was like time just slowed to a crawl. Emotions, possibilities, worries, amazement, awe… I felt all of it in an instant. Like an electricity that ran through every single nerve in my entire body. It’s truly a new type of sensation that I can only describe as “Dad Emotion”…

After that fraction of a second passed and I had made sure I didn’t lose control of my own bladder, I had a thought. A crippling, mind-numbing thought. Something that someone with my medical background should have foreseen. The Wife’s medication would cause a false-positive; meaning of course it would show that she was pregnant. I felt so stupid for allowing myself to get excited. I got lost in the moment… I explained this Sara as gently as I could. She definitely understood, and I suggested she make arrangements to have some blood work done for a definitive answer. She got poked with a needle, gave some blood, and a few days later, got a pretty cool phone call…

Two. Little. Lines. That’s all it took to turn me into a Dad. I can’t wait to feel that “Dad Emotion” again.

I’ll definitely write up a post about how Sara broke the official news with the blood work. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about how other Dads and Parents broke the news to one another. How did you react? What went through your mind?



3 thoughts on “Two. Little. Lines.

  1. I’m Cheryl Kibler Thomas sister. We had our own fertility issues .. our son is 21 & our daughter is 19. Congratulations!! I’ll remember you both in my daily prayers for a safe & healthy pregnancy .. one day at a time!

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    • Thank you Barbara! Truly appreciate the prayers. “One day at a time” is definitely my motto right now with all the little changes and challenges that are going on. Thanks for stopping by the site. Means a lot…


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