The Journey to Tying the Knot

I think it’s important to get everyone on the same page on where things are in my life right now. It will help to have some backstory so that if I make a reference to Sara (my Wife) or something about my dating history or whatever, you won’t be too clueless as to what I’m talking about.

So in addition to becoming a Dad, I’m also a Husband. (I think these family titles are worthy of being capitalized… More info about that here) If you ask Sara, I took the long and scenic road to marriage where I ran out of gas, got lost, refused to ask for directions, hitch-hiked to the nearest church and then “finally” put a ring on her finger. What I actually did was let our relationship “marinate”. I let it age and develop like a fine wine. I basically put all the ingredients of life into a super slow-cooker on low heat, and made a five-star restaurant quality dinner. Seriously though, I really think that being in the dating phase for awhile allowed us to become stronger and overcome various pitfalls and obstacles in life.

Anyway, I met my beautiful bride way back in kindergarten. Sara is fuzzy on the details, but I’m pretty sure she was into me. We had nap-time back then and I would always put my towel down next to hers. She didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t get slapped at least… So throughout the school years, we were friends and did some hanging out around school with clubs and activities and things. I eventually worked up the courage to ask her to Prom during our senior year.

As for the college years, we kind of disconnected for a little bit after high school. She went to college around home, and I went north. Long story short, I transferred home to complete my degree and see if we could make things work. I spent a more time in college than anticipated but in the end we made things work. The best part was being able to spend time with her throughout the day while we attended the same university. Made all the difference in our relationship.

That brings us to present day, Sara has put up with me as a Husband for a year and a half now. (Or is it the other way around?) We have had our ups and downs and  been through quite a bit. Some things you just don’t experience while dating and living separately. Like bathroom habits and various responsibilities around the house. In retrospect, I’m thinking I should have married her a long time ago. I’m sure she would agree…


How about you? Is your story similar to mine? Some differences? Let me know down below in the comments.

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